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Portable, Backup or Commercial

We supply a wide range of generators in both petrol & diesel engines.  There’s no job too small or too large with options from 1kVa to 1,000kVa and options for acoustic canopies to reduce noise and auto mains backup systems.

Portable Petrol Range

In the small scale generators we offer the Yamaha Range. We chose the Yamaha generators as the inverter range boasts a crisp, clean inverter output which is as-good (or in most cases better) than your town mains supply.

Yamaha generators are also known for being one of the quietest, and most reliable portable generators on the market today. They inverter range of generators come in a range of sizes from 1kVA to 6.3kVA which are perfect for camping/fishing trips, or complimenting small solar systems.

The larger Yamaha generators come in 5.5kVA and 6kVA and although do not have the inverter output – are very competitively priced and are a great option for stand alone solar backup, or powering larger items like fridges and air conditioners. The 6kVA model also has an electric start function for ease of use and the ultimate convenience.

Large Scale Generators

In the Large Scale Generators, we offer the FG Wilson (AllightSykes) or HATZ diesel generator sets.  Both brands boast great output and come with options for two wire remote start for integration with large solar systems or for auto mains failure backup systems.

Diesel generators are designed to handle hard work, and are suitable for use in a vast range of applications including construction, residential, retail, telecommunications and more. Sizes start at 6.8kVA and go up to over 2,000kVA, and are available in Open sets, or in canopies for “reduced noise” and with options for high or low speed engines.

Small Scale Generator Videos

Large Scale Generator Videos

Talk to NCPW today for expert advice on your generator needs, whether it’s for camping, solar back-up or commercial. We can help you!