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Current STC’s Pricing as at 28 November 2015, $38 / STC

Apricus Solar Hot Water

NCPW have been supplying Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems to the Coffs Coast since 2006, They have proved to have great efficiency even in the winter months & cold climates where other solar hot water systems struggle!
If you have been thinking about Solar Hot Water, NOW is the time while the rebates are still available!



NCPW has a fully equipped workshop with full range of spare parts in stock, ensuring your repair is done faster

 Rebates available in NSW

Small-scale Technology Certificates - "STCs" (formerly RECS): $Variable

Dates expected to run: Unknown: The SRES does not have a target and there is no cap on the number of certificates that will be created. Assessed on a year-to-year basis.

The STC rebate is still available for both Solar Hot Water and Solar Power.

STC's are based on the estimated amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh) a solar system displaces over the course of its lifetime. The number of STCs a particular system  is entitled to create will depend on its size, installation date and geographic location identified through its postcode.

The STC's are likes shares and as such are traded through brokers, and also like shares, the value of the certificates is subject to fluctuation depending on different factors, but mainly supply and demand.

Solar Hot Water

To calculate the STC Rebate you will receive, you Multiply the amount of  STC's allocated to the system, by the current value the STC's are trading at, for example:

Apricus 30 Tube 315 ltr GLEM has 37 STCs, If the current value of the STCs is $30/STC, The total STC rebate is (37 x $30) = $1036,

(there are options for fixed price STC Trading at a high rate of $40/stc, via the STC Clearing house, but this requires trading STC's yourself, and also will mean longer payback times)

- ORER Website - An In-depth resource on Renewable energy trading and STC's

- STC's Calculator - Find out how many STC's your solar system qualifies for




Solar Power

Grid Connect - Solar Credits (STC Multiplier, Super STC's) Scheme: $Variable

As of the 1 January 2013, the Solar Credits scheme will no longer be available.

From this date the rebate will be based on the STC's as per the solar hot water.


Installation Period Multiplier
1 July 2010 - 30 June 2011 5 x [number of eligible STCs
1 July 2011 - 30 June 2012 3 x [number of eligible STCs]
1 July 2012 - 31 December 2013 2 x [number of eligible STCs]
1 January 2013 - onwards 1 x [number of eligible STCs]
(ie no multiplier)


For Example:
2kW system has 41 STC's at $30 = $1230

- ORER Website - For a more detailed explanation on STCs for Small Generation Units

- STC Calculator - Work out how many STC's your solar system is entitled to





If you have any additional questions regards to rebates, Click here to contact our sales team via email or phone





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