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NCPW Daily Solar Output

NCPW Daily Solar Output

Apricus Solar Hot Water

Evacuated Tube solar hot water has proved to have great efficiency even in the winter months & cold climates where other solar hot water systems struggle!
If you have been thinking about Solar Hot Water, NOW is the time while the rebates are still available!



NCPW has a fully equipped workshop with full range of spare parts in stock, ensuring your repair is done faster

Solar Hot Water


Please NOTE: All Solar Hot Water's are PICK UP only - Coffs Harbour or Brisbane

NCPW supply the Apricus Australia, Evacuated tube solar hot water collectors.
NCPW have sold a wide range of solar hot water systems in their lifetime including flat plate style collectors, in 2005 NCPW discovered the Evacuated tube style of solar collector, it wasn't a new technology, but was still very unknown in Australia, we trialled it, and were exceptionally happy with their performance. Since then we haven't looked back, supplying evacuated tube solar hot water systems to the mid-north coast and surrounds!
Apricus evacuated tubes are perfect for coastal regions AND in areas where frosts can occur. No added valves or glycol needed.

Apricus Solar Hot Water Key Benefits:

  • 15 Year Warranty on manifold & S/S Framework
  • 15 Year Warranty on Evacuated Tubes
  • 15 Year Warranty on Stainless Steel Tank
  • 10 Year warranty on Glass lined tank
  • Lightweight & easy to install (30 Tubes < 100kg full of water)
  • Naturally frost protected - No glycol needed




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