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Current STC’s Pricing as at 28 November 2015, $38 / STC

ET Solar

30/08/11 ET Solar announces

Solar Linear Power Performance Warranty

Apricus Solar Hot Water

Evacuated Tube solar hot water has proved to have great efficiency even in the winter months & cold climates where other solar hot water systems struggle!
If you have been thinking about Solar Hot Water, NOW is the time while the rebates are still available!



NCPW has a fully equipped workshop with full range of spare parts in stock, ensuring your repair is done faster

Tony Sullivan
North Coast Power and Water Staff have been of great assistants to Councils Nursery business unit and Projects section for more than 5 years. When confronted with irrigation problems we have found the staff most helpful and professional. The products recommended are of high quality.
Tony Sullivan | CHCC - Parks Department

Very quick responses and they knew what they were talking about. From initial query to sale was a matter of hours and they posted the item that morning!
blanchg | via

Robert Godwin
"I should like to thank the staff at NCPW for the help you gave to me with my purchase of my Apricus Solar Hot Water system recently. Your comprehensive and clear explanation of the benefits of the Apricus system went a long way towards my choice in a market that has such a bewildering range of brands to choose from. The Apricus tubes with rounded surfaces passively tracking the sun, go to work heating water so efficiently from the very moment the sun comes up to the moment it goes down in the evening. Thank you again to you and the staff at NCPW for helping me procure what must be one of the best solar hot water systems available on the market. Kindest regards,."
Robert Godwin | Coffs Harbour, NSW

Judy Henderson
"I have only had my Apricus installed for three months and so far the performance has been faultless. Even with a house full of visitors over the holidays I have not had to boost yet, despite several days of cloudy weather. I wish I had taken this step years ago, and am recommending Apricus to all my friends." Image: Judy's 20 Tube 250ltr Apricus system, proudly sitting on her roof.
Judy Henderson | Repton, NSW

Simon Coulter
"Having had our Apricus system operating for over a year now, we can say that we are very happy with its performance during all seasons. The system copes very well with the Below-zero nights that we experience during winter on the plateau. We would recommend to anyone and everyone." Image: Simon's Apricus installation. Simon plans to install a pitching frame to his system in the near future to further improve his systems winter performance.
Simon Coulter | Bostobrick, NSW
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