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Business Solar Power Systems

Is Your Business Operating 9 to 5? You should have business solar power!

Business solar is the perfect option for businesses using power throughout the day! Generally, the power rates are higher (small – medium business) and the majority of your usage is during the day, allowing you to consume a large portion of your solar production…

Battery storage may not be an economical option as usage is low overnight. However if you have some 24 hour loads you would like to try to eliminate (servers, fridges etc.), a small battery bank may be beneficial.

An appropriate sized grid connect system matching your usage can show some great savings. It represents the lowest cost/highest return application for grid connected solar power.

Solar Panels Commercial Installation

“Is Solar Right For My Business?”

Depending on your business’s energy usage patterns, business solar could be a very effective way of freeing up some cash flow!  We spend a lot of our time analysing your energy usage and bills. The paybacks on large systems using top quality gear can come down to as little as 3 years!  Of course, not all installations for business will produce these paybacks but it is not uncommon provided you can self-consume the majority of your solar production.

Typical Consumption vs. Production

Take a look at the graph pictured. The solar production closely replicates the “average” business’s operating hours…Your business’s energy requirements may be completely provided from clean solar energy on a sunny day. As a result, you could save HUNDREDS of dollars on each bill! Don’t forget to speak with your accountant as your investment in solar may also come with some tax benefits!

Solar Production Curve
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Want to Learn More?

The Clean Energy Council recently produced a great PDF guide to installing business solar power systems in NSW. It is free to download if you’d like to learn more before speaking with us. But if you’d prefer some face to face time with us to explain it, come down to our showroom or give us a call.

Talk to NCPW today about whether solar is right for your business!  If you have your energy bills handy, that will be a great first step…