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Grid Connect Solar

Solar Systems You Can Depend On!

We’ve been supplying solar to the Coffs Coast since 1990 (when a 60 to 80 watt solar panel would cost you over $1000!) Luckily times have changed and it’s now more cost effective than ever to install a grid connect solar system on your home or business.

NCPW have partnered with the highest quality suppliers and installers to design grid connect solar systems you can depend on today, and long into the future.

If you’re just beginning your research into a solar power system, LG Energy, our trusted solar panel manufacturing partners have developed a Beginners Guide to Solar that you can download for free!

It covers the benefits, how a system works, the components of a solar system, basic sizing, incentives and more.

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Which system is right for you?

At NCPW – we believe in sizing a system to suit your needs rather than what will suit a sales budget. Due to the low feed in tariffs currently being offered in NSW, you are best to “use” as much power as possible, and feed back into the grid as little as possible!

Oversizing your solar power system is generally wasted $$ (unless you plan on using it in the near future) as it will increase your costs, but not necessarily increase your savings!

If your energy company has recently installed a smart meter on your home, that’s great news because you may be able to read your usage online in “hourly” increments rather than the traditional “daily usage”. (view an article we wrote recently on how to find this information) If you don’t have this information, that’s fine – we can identify your individual energy patterns by speaking with you.

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Our Solar Modules

We partner with LG Energy and Winaico for our solar modules in grid connect applications. We do understand there are much cheaper panels on the market that can be purchased and installed, but while investing in quality may increase your system payback by one or two years, it will give you many more years of reliable operation!! A worthwhile investment in our opinion!

To keep it easy to understand, we’ve likened our solar modules to car brands… Sorry, we don’t offer a “Great Wall” option!

The Bentley

LG NeON R 350W Module

Top Features:

25 Year Product Warranty! (parts & labour)
25 Year Performance Warranty
Up to 20.8% Efficiency
350 Watts / Panel
More power per m2
Multi-award winning
Manufactured in Korea

These modules are top of the range with the highest efficiencies that will allow you to squeeze the most solar power from your roof. Cost is higher, but so is peace of mind with the 25 year parts and labour warranty on all LG NeON R panels!

14 Panels for 5kW (24M2)

The Porsche

LG NeON2 330W Module

Top Features:

12 Year Product Warranty! (parts & labour)
25 Year Performance Warranty
Up to 19.5% Efficiency
330 Watts / Panel
Great visual appearance
Multi-award winning
Manufactured in Korea

The LG Neon modules are a great high quality panel that utilise double-sided cells to produce up to 330Watts, they boast a gloss black frame and thinner wires that appear all black at a distance.

15 Panels for 5kW (26M2)


Winaico 275 Watt Module

Top Features:

15 Year Product Warranty! (parts)
25 Year Performance Warranty
2 Years free insurance included
Up to 16.8% Efficiency
275 Watts / Panel
Manufactured in Taiwan

Winaico are Taiwan’s biggest solar module manufacturer and have a proven track record of supplying high quality solar panels across the globe. A great feature of the Winaico modules is the included all-risk insurance policy that comes standard with every Winaico system and can be extended for up to 5 years.

18 Panels for 5kW (30M2)

Talk to NCPW today for expert advice on your power system project, whether it’s your home, business, farm or commercial operation we have the solar power solution to suit you!