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Solar Pumping Coffs Harbour

The Solar Pump System. The efficient & reliable, investment

The NCPW team specialises in solar power AND pumping, making them the best team to organise your solar pump systems! It’s not often you come across a business like ours that specialises in both! The team design, size & supply your solar pump system.

Solar pump systems are improving and the residential solar market is driving down the prices of solar panels. To put prices in perspective, in 2000, if you were to purchase an 80watt solar panel it would have cost you around $1,000! Now we sell a 90watt solar panel for around $200!

And the applications for solar pumping are endless! The most common application is replacing petrol or diesel pumps that are becoming tired or have failed. One of the biggest advantage with a solar pump system is that once it is set up correctly, there is very little maintenance required. There is no need to switch them on and off, service oil, fill up fuel etc. so many farmers are switching to solar as it is much more user friendly.

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Solar Pump System Coffs Harbour
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Solar Water Pumping Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a solar pump provide enough pressure and flow to run my irrigation system?
A. Solar pumps are ideal for running irrigation systems, each pump needs to be designed to suit the application specifically – but they definitely can produce enough pressure and /or flow to suit most irrigation applications.

Q. Can I use a solar pump for topping up my header tanks?
A. Definitely! This application is one of the most common uses for solar pumping systems… Solar pumping systems will start as soon as sun reaches the solar panels and continue to pump throughout the day until the sun goes down. If you do not want to pump more water than required – a simple pressure switch or flow switch can be installed to switch the pump off once the tank is full!

Talk to NCPW today for expert advice on your solar pumping project, whether it’s simply moving water from one dam to another or irrigating your farm or paddock we can design specifically for you!