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Healthy Families Start with Clean Drinking Water

Our experienced team will help select the filtration system that is right for your family and your situation. If you’re on town mains and just want to remove the chlorine taste from your drinking water – a simple undersink filtration system could be right for you.

However, if you are on tank water and/ or have young children or are sensitive to bacteria – you may opt for a whole-house Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment system that can virtually eliminate all bacteria from the water!

We only sell standard housings, which allows you to adjust your filtration to your needs – for example, if the cartridges you get first are not quite fine enough, you may opt for a finer filtration cartridge when you next change them without having to change your entire filtration system. We’ve also just launched our online auto-delivery service, where you can simply order your filters online, and have them delivered to your door at intervals you choose, so you always have fresh filters when you need them, without the hassle!

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Is Tank Water Safe to Drink?

Many people drink tank water without filtration and don’t get an upset stomach!  Although when water falls from the sky it is generally nice and clean, that clean water hits your roof, gutters and pipes which are riddled with contaminants (think bird droppings, dirt, dust, leaves). These contaminants can often leave a taste or odour in your water, or worse introduce harmful bacteria into your tank.  The best treatment for tank water is Ultra Violet (UV) sterilisation which will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from the water. Other options include cartridge filtration, tank water additives and purifiers and more! Talk to NCPW for some personalised advice on your situation today.

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Want to research more about water purification?

We highly recommend taking a look at the Puretec website, It is packed full of great information, videos, brochures and more. We do keep a large range of these filters and filtration kits in stock, but if we do not have it on the floor we can very easily order it in specially for you for no extra cost!

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Buy your filters online today or drop into our store at 13 GDT Seccombe Close, Coffs Harbour to pick up your replacement cartridges!