Diverters and Heat Pumps

We supply solar power diverters & heat pumps in Coffs Harbour.

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Reduce Your Energy Use

Take advantage of the chance to massively reduce your energy bill!

The team at North Coast Power & Water is committed to helping residential and commercial clients throughout Coffs Harbour increase their energy efficiency. If you already have solar panels on your property, a solar power diverter is a device that reads how much solar electricity you’re generating. Or install a Reclaim Energy heat pump for up to 5 times more energy efficiency compared to conventional water heaters.

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What is a solar power diverter?

It essentially converts any unused solar. It essentially converts any unused solar electricity into hot water, saving you the money and hassle of installing a brand new solar hot water system. We source our range of solar power diverters from CATCH power.

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Did you know that there is usually enough surplus to supply 90-95% of your hot water needs?

Quick and easy to install, you can get started on saving money today! As soon as the diverter detects surplus solar, the energy is transferred to your hot water tank. CATCH power systems are compatible with most installations and can also be retrofitted to older systems if needed. With a built-in touchpad for easy control, get in touch with North Coast Power & Water today to start putting your excess solar to good use!

Change to a Reclaim Energy heat pump hot water system!

With built-in frost, freeze and legionella control, Reclaim Energy systems are Australian designed for Australian conditions. With up to 5 times more energy efficiency compared to conventional water heaters, as well as generous system warranties, rest assured your Reclaim Energy heat pump water heater will work effectively for years to come.

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pump water heaters work by absorbing and transferring warmth from the air to heat up water. Consequently, while they still operate through electricity, living in warmer climates means water can be heated quicker – therefore using less electricity compared to generic water heaters. When used in the right environment, heat pump water heaters can save you money whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Take advantage of Coffs Harbour’s warm weather by installing a Reclaim Energy heat pump water heater! We also have a wide range of solar hot water systems and commercial heaters at our fully stocked showroom.

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