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Install a solar battery system for your Coffs Harbour property

Home Battery Storage Coffs Harbour

Store Your Excess Energy

Any excess energy your panels produce is saved for later use.

Keep the power flowing and store your solar panels excess energy to use overnight or at times when the weather is overcast with a tailored North Coast Power & Water home battery system.

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Set of LG batteries

Are Batteries a Good Investment?

That depends on your situation, your budget and what you are looking to achieve.

If you’re looking for a solar system that will pay for itself as quickly as possible, batteries may not be the best option for you!

However, home batteries may be for you if you’re already off grid or looking to install a solar system that minimises your reliance on the grid. Home batteries can virtually eliminate your ongoing electricity bill.

If you aren’t too concerned with ‘payback periods’ home batteries might be for you!

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Battery Installed - North Coast Power & Water

Should I Go Off Grid?

Off-grid systems are only ideal for remote properties that cannot connect to mains power or would be too expensive to connect. To build an off-grid system you will need to have batteries in addition to your solar panels, as well as a backup generator in case of emergencies. If you are planning to set up an off-grid system, you can find all the required components at North Coast Power & Water, including a wide range of batteries such as flood/lead acid, gel cell and lithium too.

Overall, going off-grid is only suitable for a small number of properties. Having a grid connection can provide relatively stable power and allows you to use as much power as you need. So, if you’re already connected to the grid, there’s no economic reason to go off-grid. If you’d like more information on off-grid systems, give us a call today to speak to a member of our team. We’ll be able to provide you with tailored advice so you can make an informed decision.

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Off Grid Batteries

Common Home Battery Types

lead acid | North Coast Power & Water

Flooded / Lead Acid

These batteries have been around for many years. They have great capacities and are great value for money on any off-grid solar power system. On the down side, they require a well ventilated installation, they’re very heavy and require regular maintenance.

gel cell batteries | north coast power & water

Gel Cell Batteries

Gel batteries have the reliability of the lead acid batteries with some added benefits! They are faster to charge and discharge, they have a longer life, no maintenance and no harmful gas emissions during charging

Set of LG batteries


Lithium batteries have shot onto the market in recent years due to their light-weight construction. Many large companies are investing heavily in the research & development of the technology. Although they’re relatively new, their light weight and deep discharge without damage is a great feature!

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