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Why Use Solar Hot Water?

Did you know that a traditional water heater is one of the most energy-intensive appliances, accounting for around 21% of energy usage for an average household?

We all love long, hot showers, but you can make it less damaging for your pockets by switching to a solar hot water system today. For the best solar hot water advice in Coffs Harbour, you need the team at North Coast Power & Water.

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Only The Best

Servicing residential and commercial clients for more than 20 years, we exclusively supply top-of-the-line systems from Apricus. As Apricus specialists, we’re able to offer sales, installation training, technical support, spare parts and over the phone troubleshooting.

Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

All Apricus solar hot water systems come complete with:

  • Superior cold weather performance using evacuated tubes
  • Passive sun tracking to provide more solar collection for more hours of the day
  • 15-year warranty on roof collectors & 10-year warranty on storage tanks
  • Cyclone rated & hail-resistant
  • Built-in frost protection without glycol
  • Lightweight design & simple installation
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Apricus for all conditions

Whether it’s for homes, apartments, farms, hotels or manufacturing plants, you can rely on North Coast Power & Water to supply you with the most suitable hot water system from Apricus. If you’re not quite sure if solar hot water is right for your property, Apricus also supplies a solar-ready tank that works just like a standard electric tank, only you can easily switch to a solar system once you’re ready – without the need for a new tank. And if you change to solar within 60 days of purchasing your water heater, you could also claim the solar STC rebate. We also have a wide range of heavy-duty commercial systems, give us a call today for a quote!

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Rebate Calculator

Answer the simple questions below to calculate an estimate of the solar hot water rebates you may be eligible for when purchasing and installing a solar hot water system.

Rebate calculator is provided to show an indication only. It is based on solar hot water system being installed in STC Zone 3. STC Value calculated at $28. STC incentives are subject to change at any time without notice. Last update: 4/8/17

Start Saving Now with a Solar Hot Water Systems in Coffs Harbour

If you’ve been thinking about switching to a solar hot water system, at North Coast Power & Water, we have a wide range of innovative solar hot water systems that are great for the planet and great for your wallet too.

With household bills on the up, the impact of climate change, solar hot water systems are a reliable and self-sufficient solution to ensure that you have hot water available to you at any moment you need it.

Solar Hot Water System — North Coast Power & Water in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Innovative solar hot water systems

With new technology continuing to improve and a range of high-performance systems to choose from, at North Coast Power & Water, we can find the best solar hot water system for your home at good price.

All of our solar hot water systems are designed to last, and we only use top quality systems from Apricurus, which have a 15-year guarantee on roof collectors for your peace of mind.

Our systems have a range of top performing features including superior cold-weather performance, frost protection and passive sun tracking so whatever the weather, your hot water system is good to go.

Hot Water From Shower — North Coast Power & Water in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Invest in the future

If you need a new hot water system in Coffs Harbour, installing a solar system is a great option for so many reasons, from cutting down energy bills to reducing emissions to adding value to your property.

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Will I still have hot water on a cloudy day?

Yes, solar hot water systems are designed to work in all weathers, however, the output may be reduced on overcast or rainy days so many people choose to have a system with a gas or electric booster.

Our Apricus solar hot water systems also have evacuated tubes for improved cold-weather performance and passive sun-tracking technology.

Can I get a rebate for installing my solar hot water system in Coffs Harbour?

Yes, you may be eligible for STC rebates offered by the Federal Government. Unfortunately there are currently no state specific rebates available from the NSW Government. We also have a handy rebate calculator to find out just how much you could be entitled to.

Do I need to clean the panels?

As the panels are usually high up on a roof, cleaning them can be a challenge, hot water system panels don’t need regular cleaning and have self-cleaning hydrophobic technology.

However, if you want to ensure your solar panel’s optimum performance for many years to come, routine roof cleaning can be a good idea to increase efficiency over time.

How long does a solar water heater keep water hot?

The length of time a solar water heater keeps water hot depends on various factors, such as the size of the system, the weather conditions and the amount of hot water being used. Generally, a well-designed and properly installed solar water heating system can provide hot water for up to 24 hours, even on cloudy days.

Does solar hot water save money?

Yes, solar hot water systems can save you money on your energy bills. Traditional water heaters rely on gas or electricity to heat the water, which can be expensive. In contrast, solar hot water systems use free energy from the sun to heat the water, which can significantly reduce your energy bills. In general, larger households or those that use a lot of hot water can save more money with solar hot water systems, since they are using more energy to heat water. Moreover, solar hot water systems require less maintenance compared to traditional water heaters, which can result in additional savings. They also have a longer lifespan and can significantly increase the value of your home.

Does solar hot water work at night?

Solar hot water systems rely on sunlight to heat water, so they are most effective during the day when the sun is shining. However, many solar hot water systems have backup heating elements that can provide hot water when no sunlight is available. Most systems work hard during the day to heat and store water so that it will be hot enough to use at night and through to the next morning.

Are solar hot water systems worth it?

Whether or not a solar hot water system is worth it depends on several factors, such as the cost of installation, the amount of hot water you use and the cost of traditional energy sources in your area. In general, solar hot water systems can be a worthwhile investment if you live in an area with plenty of sunlight and high energy costs. They can also increase the value of your home and reduce your carbon footprint.