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Westinghouse Portable Inverter Generators

Portable, Backup and Commercial

Our range of generators give you the freedom of clean and quality power when you need it!

Servicing clients throughout Coffs Harbour, our range of petrol and diesel generators can be used for running tools on building sites, household power backup, camping, caravanning and more. With sizes starting from 1kVA to well over 2,000kVA there is no doubt we’ve got the generator for you!

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Portable Range

The portable generators we offer are the Westinghouse Range. We chose Westinghouse because the inverter range boasts a crisp, clean inverter output which is as good as the power supply (if not, better!).

Westinghouse generators are extremely affordable and known for being quiet, reliable and packed with features. Their inverter range comes in sizes from 1kVA to 4.5kVA which are perfect for camping or fishing trips, or even for complimenting off-grid solar systems.


More Power Please!

The larger Westinghouse traditional generators are available from 3000W up to 6750W. They’re a great option for tradies needing power on building sites, stand alone solar backup or powering larger items like fridges and air conditioners. They are very competitively priced and most notably, the larger models come standard with electric start function for ease of use and convenience.

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Westinghouse Trade Generator

All the power you need

Diesel generators are designed for hard work! We offer the Yanmar Diesel range of generators which boast great output, silenced canopies, Yanmar reliability and many features including two wire remote start and auto-mains failure backup systems perfect for integration with large solar systems or as a residential / commercial power failsafe unit.

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