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We supply water filters in Coffs Harbour.

Water Filters in Coffs Harbour

Healthy & Clean Water

Filter out all bacteria and debris for cleaner and healthier water!

If your water has a strange odour or an off taste, it may be due to bacteria or chlorine within your water. Take precaution in what you’re putting into your body. The team at North Coast Power & Water in Coffs Harbour can help you choose the ideal water filter system to suit your family’s needs.

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Just the water filter your home needs

From simple under-sink filtration systems to whole-house UV water treatment systems, we’ve got a wide selection of products to suit all budgets and properties. We can provide a wide selection of water filter kits for houses and caravans, as well as cost-effective filter replacements if you’re in need of an upgrade. To receive tailored advice for your property, give our team a call today or visit us at our Coffs Harbour showroom. We’ll provide you with a competitive quote that you can’t say no to!

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No Nasties

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Replacement Service

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No Nasties

Removes 99% of harmful bacteria

Removes 99% of harmful bacteria

Remove all the nasties from your families water supply with a North Coast Power & Water filter kit. Get rid of the taste of additives and filter out the bad bacteria.

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Replacement Service

Never be without clean water

Never be without clean water

Don’t want to deal with the annoyance of replacing your water filter? North Coast Power & Water provide a filter replacement service in Coffs Harbour to keep your water crystal clear.

Types of Filters

At North Coast Power & Water, we offer a wide range of water filters and water filter kits to keep your water supply in the best condition possible.

We offer small Counter Top Kits that can provide filtered water for the kitchen at home or in the workplace, providing an easy solution that anyone can set up themselves.

We also stock Twin Under Sink Dual Water Filters that combat debris and pollutants, either at the point of use or the main supply. Under-sink options are very popular, as they are able to be hidden in cabinetry and are less expensive than full system filters.

Our Maelstrom Rain Tank 3-Stage Filter is designed specifically for water tanks, with a focus on reducing sediment and the risk of pests entering the tank.

Reverse Osmosis kits dissolve and flush out impurities and chemicals using the titular process, which ‘pushes’ the water through a special membrane. Finally, the Ultra Violet kit uses UV light to kill bacteria and chemicals and leaves the water safe to drink.

No matter the filter you need for your property in Coffs Harbour, we are available to assist you with ordering what you need.

Filtration for All Needs

Our filter options are ideal for a wide range of specific needs- from homes to agribusiness.

Whether you need quality filtered water in the office, or filtration for the entire home. We can supply a complete solution that will be able to efficiently manage your needs.

DIY or Professional Installation?

Depending on the filter you select, you may require installation from a local professional.

We are leading suppliers of the top water filtration brands in Coffs Harbour that partner with trusted professionals to provide you with a complete solution from start to finish. Our more complex solutions will require additional help from a professional for a quality installation. Leave new installation and upgrades to the experts to get the most out of your new products. Our staff have the knowledge and expertise to recommend exactly what you need and the quality products to back it up. Learn more and discuss your specific needs with us in store in Coffs Harbour or online today.

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Brand Partners

At North Coast Power & Water we pride ourselves in stocking industry leading brands, so you can rest assured that your new system will work first time, every time.

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