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Fire pumps for residential & agricultural properties in Coffs Harbour

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Stay Fire Safe

Fire safety is crucial for any property, rural or not. At North Coast Power & Water in Coffs Harbour, we are a one-stop shop for fire pumps and other home fire systems.

Operating since 2000, our team is passionate in helping families stay safe during fire season and prevent the worse from happening. Fire pumps must be kept up to date as when it comes time to use it, you need it to start immediately. We supply our fire pumps for residential and agricultural clients throughout Coffs Harbour and surrounds. To request a quote, feel free to drop us a line today.

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Latest Systems

Technology has come a long way and so has fire pumps. Designed to keep your property safe, we only stock products from reputable brands such as Davey and Aussie Pumps for reliability and effective execution. Our range of Davey pumps are powered by genuine Honda and Briggs & Stratton engines, and can be activated through your phone, remote or a fire sensor.

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Trust a pump built here

Alternatively, equip your home with an Aussie Pump that’s designed to out-perform and out-feature all other portable fire pumps on the market. From pipes to hoses and sprinklers, you’ll find everything you need at our Coffs Harbour showroom.

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Fire Pumps FAQs

How do I choose a fire pump?

The right type of fire pump for your property depends on factors such as the size of your property, the water pressure you can expect, your water source, where you will likely need to use the pump (so whether it needs to be mobile) and what size motor you need.

In general, we recommend selecting a pump manufactured by a reputable brand such as Davey. When you opt for a quality brand, you will have a high-performing product that should require little maintenance over time.

Our local team of experts has extensive knowledge of the various pumps available and the local conditions in Coffs Harbour and the Northern Rivers that may impact your fire defence needs at your property- give us a call or visit us in store in Coffs Harbour for trusted product recommendations and further information about specific fire pumps that will meet your needs.

Do I have to have a fire pump?

It is not mandatory for all rural properties in the Northern Rivers of NSW to be fitted with a water tank filled with water that can be used to fight a bush fire if needed. You will need to check with your local council regarding the specific requirements for your property before choosing the right fir pump and system.

It is recommended that the tank be made of metal and have metal connections that are compatible with the pumps used by the fire brigade.

You should consider situations when the fire brigade isn’t able to access your property in the event of a fire. The brigade’s pumps may be deployed elsewhere or blocked from accessing your property. If this the case, you can have the right equipment you need ready to go.

Having a fire pump always ready at your property is essential if the water from the tank is going to be successfully used to fight the fire which is threatening your property.

How often should a residential fire pump be serviced in Northern NSW?

A fire pump should be tested every 3 months to ensure it’s working effectively. As well as testing, the pump should be inspected for any signs of wear and tear.

In addition, it’s recommended that you complete a service that includes an oil change and air filter replacement yourself. If you would like professional advice on how to best maintain your fire pump we can recommend a professional to assist you.

Getting a professional inspection will pick up on any problems that are likely to affect performance or parts that need timely repair.

It’s vital that you can depend on your pump to operate effectively when you need it. For this reason, we strongly recommend keeping up-to-date with inspection and servicing guidelines, so that the pump, along with the rest of your protection kit, will work when you need it to the most during fire season.