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Increase water efficiency with help from the team at North Coast Power & Water!

Servicing clients throughout Coffs Harbour and surrounds, we stock a wide range of poly pipes and fittings, ideal as irrigation solutions for backyard veggie patches or large-scale crops. We can recommend the ideal system for you and organise an installation for your convenience. Get in touch with us today!

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At North Coast Power & Water we pride ourselves in stocking industry leading brands, so you can rest assured that your new system will work first time, every time.

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We offer a massive range of irrigation systems and supplies to help you install the irrigation system you need as well as fix any issues that you may be having with your current irrigation system at your Coffs Harbour Property.

Sprinklers and drip systems

Sprinklers and drip irrigation systems can be used to feed a consistent supply of water to crops and plants from above ground.

Drip irrigation systems consist of a network of pipes and valves that slowly drip water onto the soil near the base of the plant, while above-ground sprinkler systems are perfect for watering medium to large areas of ground including crops, grass, and gardens.

Both sprinklers and drip irrigation systems offer a cost-effective and efficient way to keep plants and crops healthy throughout even the driest months automatically, freeing up your time to spend on more important tasks on your property.

Sprinkler System

Controllers and monitoring

We stock a huge range of controllers and monitoring systems, ranging from the most basic tap timers to cutting-edge smart systems that can help you to track and control your irrigation system from your smartphone or tablet.

Our team of experienced irrigation specialists can help you to make the right choice from our range of irrigation monitoring systems, explaining your options and helping you to make an informed decisions.

As well as helping you plan monitoring systems, our irrigation specialists can help you to design and plan a tailored irrigation system based on the needs and layout of your farm, with suitable irrigation controllers to help you manage it.

Rotor Sprinkler

Irrigation parts

We supply a wide range of irrigation parts that be used to build, repair and upgrade existing irrigation systems in gardens and farms.

Our wide range of irrigation parts and accessories can be used by families, businesses, and individuals to transform their existing water systems and reduce bills.

All parts we supply are high-quality, durable components created by leading brands that are trusted across Australia.

Our range of irrigation parts includes everything from hose reels and suction hoses to tapping saddles, poly pipes, and compression fittings.

Water Sprinkler Equipment

Fertiliser systems

As well as ensuring your crops are adequately watered, it’s important to feed a steady supply of high-quality, balanced fertiliser to crops and plants to keep them growing efficiently.

Our fertilisers systems can help you to increase your crop yield and improve soil structure, ensuring that your land is cared for in a sustainable and responsible way to ensure years of production.

We can supply and install a huge range of fertiliser systems, including smart fertilisers systems that monitor fertiliser and water levels.

Each system is designed by world-leading brands to supply your crops with a huge range of fertilisers and nutrients including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, wetting agents, and more.

Tractor Spreading Fertiliser

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If you’re looking for effective irrigation supplies and irrigation parts in Coffs Harbour for domestic purposes or commercial agriculture, contact us today to find out more about our products and services.

We also offer free advice and recommendations from our irrigation experts to ensure that you get the right products from us the first time.

To discuss your ideal irrigation system and to order what you need, call us at North Coast Power & Water today to talk to our expert local staff.