Household water pumps

Quality home water pumps in Coffs Harbour.

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The Essential Household Appliance

North Coast Power & Water for a variety of home water pumps in Coffs Harbour.

Household water pumps are an essential household appliance that provides your home water pressure when you don’t have town water supply. Household water pumps come in a wide range of designs and qualities and our staff are trained to help you select the appropriate pump for your application.

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Home & Garden Applications

Water pumps may all look the same, but their function can differ in several ways. If you want to increase efficiency or water pressure around your home, get in touch with the team at North Coast Power & Water in Coffs Harbour.

Operating since 2000, our expert team can recommend the ideal pump for your home or garden. From suction ability to flow, pressure, build quality, power usage, noise level and of course, cost, you can count on us to supply you with a durable and suitable pump. Visit our showroom today or give us a call for more information – we’ll be glad to help.

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Pool & Spa Pumps

We can supply a wide range of energy efficient pool and spa pumps to help you reduce your operating costs. As Coffs Harbour’s only Davey Master Dealer, we’re able to provide our clients with extensive product knowledge and experience you can trust. The Davey Silensor system of pool pumps can improve efficiency while reducing noise.

The water-cooled motor design is also available in variable speed options to minimise energy use. We’re also a supplier for brands such as Grundfos, DAB and Claytech, supplying a diverse range of water pumps for homes and farms across Coffs Harbour. Contact our friendly team today for a competitive quote!

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