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5 Tips to maximise your solar power usage

October 22, 2018

5 Tips to maximise your solar power usage

Solar battery storage is here! BUT…as you probably know, it’s very expensive and not all that cost efficient just yet. In the meantime, there ARE ways to maximise your solar power usage this summer.

  1. Use your appliances while the sun is shining!

    schedule appliancesEven when you’re not home, you can save loads by setting your large appliances to start during the middle of the day. Set your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer or pool/spa pumps & cleaners on a delay so they begin when you are getting the most out of your solar.

    You’ll have clean clothes, dishes and pools when you get home AND you’ll have saved money while doing it!

  2. Get to know your appliances.

    Do you know which of your appliances uses the most energy in your home? You might be surprised! Things like pool pumps, air conditioners and fridges are often the biggest culprits. However, there may be some smaller, inefficient appliances that are flying under the radar and costing you hundreds every year.

    Installing an inexpensive home energy monitor could be the answer to this problem. These smart monitors immediately start to track when your appliances are using energy and how much they’re using. Often you’ll find a dodgy appliance or charger that is costing you far too much energy.

    Pay attention to the pesty appliances that you don’t use everyday but may still be operating. Computer not switched off properly? Does the TV in the guest bedroom really need to be on standby all the time? Do all the electric toothbrushes need to be charged 24 hours a day or once a week?

  1. Check the seals on your fridges, freezers and doors.

    This is something most people don’t think about a lot but it can impact your energy usage greatly! Replacing a fridge or freezer seal not only keeps your food fresher & healthier for longer but also stops the cool from leaking out during the day and night saving you money. Checking the weather seals on doors and windows is easy AND can you save you hundreds on heating and cooling! So track down those drafts in the room and install some weather seals to stop your money sneaking out the door.

  2. Cool your house during the say while your panels are generating power.

    Coming home after work to a nice cool house in summer sounds pretty good.  Turn on the air con in the middle of the afternoon, cool the house down with solar power, then switch it off when the solar slows down. With all your doors and windows sealed up nicely, your house will stay nice and cool for the night.

  3. Lastly, get to know your system.

    Check your output and monitor it on and off during different weather conditions and times of day. Once you have a good idea of when your system is producing the most power, you’ll know when to schedule your big appliances to start doing their thing.

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