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Easy tips to get your home ready for bush fire season

August 19, 2018

NSWs rough bush fire season is about to get worse as the temperatures sore into summer.

Protecting your home from the devastating effects of bush fires creates a wonderful peace of mind. It is PRICELESS knowing that your family, home, photos and memories are as protected as possible.

Bushfire Season

Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to protect your biggest asset.

Tips for surviving bush fire season:

  1. Install a Davey Firefighter for the ultimate home protection from fires
  2. Clean leaves & debris from your gutters & down pipes or even install gutter guards
  3. Keep the grass mowed and remove any cuttings WELL AWAY from the house
  4. Swap out your plastic fly screens for metal fly screens on doors & windows
  5. Tidy up around the house – remove flammable or combustible materials (crates, boxes, paper, woodpiles, hanging baskets and garden furniture)
  6. Store your combustibles away from the house (petrol, kero, diesel, gas bottles, paints, oils etc)
  7. Make a fire plan and make sure everybody in the house knows about it! The RFS has an easy-to-follow guide to help you out here.
  8. Check out your garden hoses – are they long enough to reach every area of your yard, house and outbuildings?
  9. Try to plant trees and shrubs that are less likely to ignite due to their lower oil content
  10. Trim any low-lying branches two meters from the ground surrounding the house

It is always best to be aware of what is going on in your area whether you’re in town or out. Be prepared before disaster strikes!

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