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Now your home can tell you how to save energy with PowerPlay

October 10, 2018

PowerPlay. A new smart energy system for the connected solar home.

The idea behind the PowerPlay is that your home knows better than anyone how much power it uses. Now it can tell you!

Everything you connect to PowerPlay can be monitored and even controlled with one app. Generate your power, store it with your batteries and monitor & control how best to use it with this new device.

So what can PowerPlay do?

  • Tell you where you can save money on your usage
  • Tell you when appliances are using more power than they should and how much you could save by upgrading the appliance
  • Report on your usage in quick and easy to use reports
  • Switch appliances off remotely using your smart phone
  • Automatically switch to battery power when grid power is more expensive
  • Sense when nobody is home and switch appliances to ‘stand-by’ mode

One of the products best features is its use with solar or battery storage systems. PowerPlay monitors what your system is using and generating. It then uses the information to make smart decisions like switching to battery power when grid power is more expensive at night. Or turning appliances to standby when it senses that nobody is home, saving you money all year round.

Ever wondered how much energy you use at different times of year? With your smart appliances connected, you can see smart, easy to use reports telling you all the info you could possible need to know.

Accidentally left the TV on? Turn it off from wherever you are with your smart phone. Hot afternoon? Turn the air conditioner on when you’re generating the most power and come home to a nice cool house.

Get tips on when you’re using the most power and how to reduce it AND connect it all to Google Home!

Powerplay is designed and manufactured by Flex, the same company that worked with Google to create Chromecast, helped Nike revolutionise its manufacturing processes, and co-created products for brands like Sony, IBM, KitchenAid and Fitbit.

PowerPlay really is the newest in home energy monitoring and we can’t wait to get our hands on it and run it through its paces here at North Coast Power & Water!

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