Three solar hot water tanks

Hot Water Systems Installation Mistakes to Avoid

February 13, 2020
Three solar hot water tanks

Hot water systems are an essential part of modern life, and if you are considering changing your current heater for a new brand, you may want to learn more about how to avoid essential installation mistakes that occur when fitting hot water systems in Coffs homes. At North Coast Power and Water, we have a lot of experience in spotting common DIY mistakes that need to be avoided.

Not calling in a professional

This is perhaps the most common mistake that DIY installers make. Bringing in a professional team to help you is the only real way that you will be able to manage this installation safely. You certainly need the experts to ensure that the installation is right if you are buying a gas water heater. You should also take expert advice on the right type of hot water system for your needs.

Choosing the wrong size system

One of the worst things that you can do is to pick the wrong size of water heater system for your needs. The best size for your needs will not only cut out on initial costs, but can save you money in the long term too. A heater which is too big for your needs will waste water and money. You can talk to North Coast Power and Water about the right sort of heater for your requirements.

Incompatible pipes

Although most metal pipes can look very similar to the amateur, in fact there can be a serious issue with compatibility. Galvanised steel, for example always requires a particular type of union to prevent pipes from contacting each other, which can create an electric charge.

Soldering fittings near to the water tank

There are a lot of parts on the water tank which are plastic, and so DIYers need to take care that they don’t solder fittings in close proximity to the water tank. Doing so might cause serious damage to your heater, and could even mean that you need to buy another from North Coast Power and Water.

Heating up without water

Known as dry firing, turning on the electrical circuits before the heater has been able to fill with water can cause serious damage. Your tank could crack because of the heat, and your heater may be damaged.

Not choosing to buy from us

When you are looking for the best hot water systems in Coffs, only North Coast Power and Water has the answers that you need. Find out how you can get help from us by sending us an online enquiry, or call us on 02-6651-4333 now.

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