Solar Panels Installed On The Roof

Key Questions To Pose To Your Solar Installer

January 17, 2024

Making the decision to switch to solar energy is a commendable choice for numerous reasons, including environmental benefits and long-term savings. However, choosing a solar installer involves more than just picking the first name from a list. To ensure quality and reliability, there are key questions to ask. This blog aims to walk you through some fundamental considerations you should keep in mind when engaging with a solar installation service.

What Certifications and Licences Do You Hold?

It is important to ascertain whether your chosen solar installer holds the required certifications and licences. These certifications serve as a tangible proof of competence in the field. By confirming this, you can have more confidence in the quality and reliability of your solar installation. A licensed installer is more likely to adhere to safety regulations and industry standards, which ensures not only an effective installation but also a safer home environment.

Can You Provide a Detailed Quote and Payment Plan?

  • Hardware Costs: Your quote should include the cost of the solar panels, inverter and any other required hardware.
  • Labour: Don’t overlook the cost of installation, which involves skilled labour.
  • Permits and Other Fees: There may be permit costs or other local charges to consider.
  • Payment Plans: Knowing your budget and payment options ahead of time can be beneficial.

A detailed quote is essential for avoiding any surprises later. It gives you a comprehensive view of what the installation process will entail, financially speaking. Payment plan options, if available, can offer flexibility and make the service more accessible to different budgets.

What Kind of Warranty Comes with the Installation?

Manufacturer’s Warranty

This warranty usually covers the solar panels themselves and ensures that they meet certain performance standards over time.

Performance Warranty

This guarantees that the panels will produce energy at a certain capacity for a specified period.

Workmanship Warranty

Covers the quality of the installation work and any potential errors that might arise.

Understanding the warranties provided can have a lasting impact on the long-term value and maintenance costs of your solar system. It’s beneficial to know what aspects of the system are covered and for how long, so you can plan accordingly.

How Will You Assess My Property’s Solar Potential?

A thorough assessment of your property’s solar potential is a crucial step in the installation process. A reputable installer will conduct site visits to inspect the condition of the roof, carry out shading analysis to determine the optimal positioning of panels and assess your household’s energy usage. All these assessments collectively contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of your solar system.

What Happens If I Need to Relocate or Sell My Home?

  • Transferability of Service: Check if your installation and warranties are transferable to the next homeowner.
  • Costs Involved: Determine any charges for the removal and reinstallation if you’re moving the system to a new property.

If you are contemplating selling your home or relocating, knowing the logistics and costs involved in transferring or removing your solar system is beneficial. This allows you to make an informed decision without unexpected financial burdens.

Choose the Right Solar Installer for You

Taking all these considerations into account can seem daunting, but that’s where we come in. At North Coast Power & Water, we pride ourselves on transparency, quality and customer satisfaction. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your solar needs. Our team is more than willing to provide detailed information that is relevant to your individual situation. Take that first step towards a more sustainable future—reach out to us today.

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