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New Irrigation Products 2018

June 16, 2018

Irrigation Australia Conference 2018 – Sydney NSW

We recently travelled to Sydney to attend the Irrigation Australia Conference to check out what new and exciting products were being released to the Irrigation industry in 2018. Read on to see some of our highlights and learn more!


There were some great small-scale irrigation products available for home owners / home vegetable garden growers etc. Here is a list of our top picks of new products for home irrigation systems.

The Bee-Hyve Smart Irrigation Controller

We’ve been a fan of the B-Hyve range of smart irrigation controllers for some-time now, but the show allowed us to check out some of their new models and new features of this wifi enabled irrigation controller!

The new INDOOR model looks very slick and I would be more than happy to have this hanging on the wall in my home somewhere. These controllers allow you full programming and control of your home sprinkler / drip irrigation system via your smart phone (or any internet browser). Because they are connected to the internet they also automatically read weather reports and delay watering if it believes it will rain!!  Further to the irrigation controllers, they also have single tap controllers which screw on to your

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