New Toro drippers on the market!

September 19, 2018

With a hot, dry summer on the way, Toro drippers have evolved with their brand new NGE Drippers. These are perfect for Cucumber, Blueberry and Blackberry farms!

Toro’s new NGE™ and White Spider™ range really is the cream of the crop. The secret is the pressure compensating emitter. It is specially designed to deliver water and nutrients to individual plants in greenhouses, nurseries and landscape applications.

By applying water directly to the root system, foliage remains dry. This decreases the risk of disease and water washing off chemicals applied to the foliage.

AND pricing is on par with the popular NaanDaan Drippers. Perfect for those wanting a single dripper with 2 or 4 litres per hour.

Get a quick quote from NCPW today! Or check out the Toro brochure here.



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