Poly vs. Steel Water Tanks: Which One Suits My Needs?

September 30, 2020

When you are thinking about adding water tanks to your domestic or agricultural property, you may be torn between choosing the standard poly water tanks or steel water tanks available in Coffs Harbour.

To understand exactly what the differences between these two different types of water tank, North Coast Power and Water can explain to you the difference between these types of tanks.

Why choose poly tanks?

If you are looking for a versatile tank, then poly may be the option.

They are still extremely common and are good value for money, as well as hard-working and durable for a domestic or rural setting.

If you just want somewhere to store water to use around your property, then this is the best option for you.

Choosing steel tanks

If you want a more durable tank, particularly in an area which is prone to fire or because you need a large amount of water storage, then you should consider a quality steel tank.

This is a more costly but sometimes necessary upgarde when purchasing a water tank for your property.

North Coast Power and Water can show you the benefits of quality steel tanks and explain the difference for you.

Choosing shaped tanks

Another factor that you have to consider is whether you need particular shaped tanks for the purpose.

You may think that you need to have a traditional round tank, but if you can’t fit that into your space then you may need slimline, rectangular or custom-designed tanks to fit into the space.

Getting your tank installed

If you want help with fitting the tank you have into the space required, we can assist you.

We can work with your preferred plumber or organise one of our tradesmen that we use and trust regularly to assist with this final process.

Some of our tanks are delivered straight from the manufacturer. Delivery of your new tank will need to be discussed at purchase to ensure that installation is made as smoothly as possible.

Getting the most from your tank

With our help, you can choose a tank which will suit your needs.

Whether this is excess water storage for a rural area, or it is a steel tank designed to stay intact during a fire, our teams can offer you advice.

Find help from experienced teams

When you need assistance with finding water tanks in Coffs Harbour for your property, then you should talk to North Coast Power and Water.

You can contact us online here, or call us on 02 6651 4333 now to discuss our products in more detail.

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