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Remote Power Systems

No Electricity Bills Here!…

Living off the grid is the dream, and many have been doing it for years with off-grid solar! But going off grid is not as simple as throwing some batteries on your home and cutting the cable to the Grid. It’s a lot more involved than that! If you are looking to live off grid, you have to be willing to either:

  1. Invest in a sizeable system that allows you to live relatively normally during sunny weather and off a backup generator during extended periods of bad weather (not uncommon here on the Coffs Coast!)
  2. Simplify your lifestyle and use only the necessities (e.g. LED Lights, chest fridges, small TV’s and wood-heaters!)
Sonnenschein Batteries
Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Ok, so when do off-grid solar actually make sense?

If you’ve purchased a block of land remotely and it is going to cost a large sum to get mains power connected, then it may make economic sense to install an off-grid system. But you must be realistic about your energy usage, Spending $30,000 on getting the mains power connected vs. spending $30,000 on a stand alone power system will have two very different outcomes.

  1. The grid connection will give you (relatively) stable power and the ability to use as much power as required, no matter the weather.
  2. A stand alone power system will give you more than enough power for lighting, water pump, TV’s etc. however you will most likely require a back-up / stand by generator as well to allow running of heavy loads like power tools and air conditioners etc.

If you already have the grid connected to your home, there is generally no economic reason to go off-grid! You can install grid connected batteries and virtually eliminate your bill, but keep the grid there as a back-up… It’s much cheaper than buying a diesel generator – and quieter too!

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