The Importance of Water Pumps During Fire Season

February 4, 2020

Water pumps in Coffs Harbour are especially handy to have when it’s fire season. Here at North Coast Power and Water, we specialise in water pumps from reputable brands that always meet your needs to help protect you and your family.

As technology improves, we improve the pumps we have so that they’re always ready in case of a fire.

Here’s why having fire pumps available during fire season is so important.

Part of the Sprinkler Supply

A fire pump is an important part of your sprinkler system. They’re vital in cases where the local water supply isn’t adequate enough to provide the pressure needed to properly operate your building’s fire sprinkler.

A properly functioning sprinkler system is something you need to have and the pump is a big part of it.

Keep reading to find out more about making sure it’s always ready and available if it’s ever needed.

Choosing the Right Fire Pump

It is especially important to be confident in your water pump during bush fire season in case of a fire emergency. Make sure to choose the right pump with Davey’s Firefighter Selection Guide below.

Testing the Pump

Because you may need to rely on your fire pump at some point, it’s vital to have it tested often.

Annual testing isn’t sufficient, and it should be inspected quarterly at least, to ensure that all parts and pieces are functioning properly. This allows you to detect potential problems so that they can be addressed right away.

In addition to supplying water pumps, we can also offer service and technical support as you need it to keep your fire pump in good working order at all times.

Proper Pump Maintenance

In addition to having your pump inspected regularly, be sure you also execute proper maintenance, including cleanings / replacing air filters, sparks plugs and engine oil. More information can be found on servicing can be found by looking at the manufacturer information.

This involves checking the fuel as it may become stale. If you have petrol fuel, plan to change the fuel every two months or add a stabiliser when new fuel is purchased to extend the fuel’s life.

Diesel fuel lasts longer but must be stored at low ambient temperatures. For engine oils, synthetic multi-grade fuel is not acceptable.

Only use the branded engine oils provided by the manufacturer’s specifications. Regularly check the fuel lines and ensure the recoil starter works.

Run the engine regularly to lubricate moving parts and extend it’s working life. Check and replace the air filter for clean air access, maintain the water system, and ensure there are no air leaks. 

Make sure there are no leaves or debris that will block the inlet system. Keep your pump cool to prevent overheating.

If you see any potential issues, you can call us to have a look and fix any problems that you may be having.

Signs Your Water Pump Needs Work

There are some things you can look for that alert you to a water pump that isn’t working properly.

If you see any signs of corrosion or leaking, that is an indicator that you require a water pump service, or in some cases may need a new pump.

Strange noises or sounds can also indicate a problem. Some signs are only evident with an inspection so don’t risk it by letting your maintenance schedule fall by the wayside or you could have a problem.

Call North Coast Power and Water for help with all of your fire pump needs.

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