Top Benefits of Installing a Solar Hot Water System

April 13, 2021

Hot water is a basic necessity for every household. Due to its importance, it is often one of the most expensive parts of your energy bill.

This isnt surprising, as hot water comprises a large amount of the total energy output. However, there is a way to reduce these costs and still have hot water on tap when you need it for less.

Here are the top benefits of installing a solar hot water system in Coffs Harbour for your home.

#1 Cheap installation

Many people are reluctant to install solar power due to the high upfront cost of installation. This is not the case with solar hot water.

Compared to a PV (photovoltaic) panel, solar hot water panels are far cheaper to install. With this one-time investment, you’ll likely get years of benefits.

#2 Little ongoing maintenance

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as it is a “set and forget” technology. In other words, once your solar heating system is installed, very little maintenance is required.

All you have to do is clean the system regularly.

And, there are no moving parts, so generally costly repairs are not needed. You can expect the life of your solar hot water heater to last at least 20 years.

#3 Kind to the environment

To receive electricity, you’re reliant on fossil fuels to heat water. This releases harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Thankfully, though, people are becoming more environmentally conscious and mindful of how their energy is produced.

Solar hot water is a great example of “green energy technology”. This means the energy used to heat your water is totally generated by the sun.

Not only does this option drastically reduce your carbon footprint, but it also has many other benefits, such as:

•           Zero waste
•           No noise pollution
•           Environmentally friendly

#4 Water heating bill savings

Without question, water heating dramatically increases your electricity bill. Granted, there are lifestyle changes you can make to decrease it.

These include decreasing hot water use, running half-full baths, using your thermostat more efficiently and more. However, these measures simply aren’t always practical.

With a solar hot water heating system, you’ll probably notice a drop in your power bills. The reason being, your hot water is being generated from a free, renewable and sustainable source of energy.

#5 Efficiency

Many people are switching to solar hot water. They are realising it’s the far more efficient way to heat your home water.

Australia produces the highest solar radiation in the world. And, your solar hot water system will convert 80 percent of this radiation into useable energy.

This makes solar the more efficient choice (in water usage and power output).

#6 Compact option

A common complaint about traditional photovoltaic solar panels is the space they consume. In comparison, a solar water heater takes up much less space on your roof.

This is an attractive option, as far fewer solar panels are required to heat your water.

To experience all the benefits of solar hot water in Coffs Harbour for your home, call or email North Coast Power & Water today.

We can discuss your needs and assist you to find the right solar hot water system for your home and needs.

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